Brittany Boyer - Class of 2020

Student of the Month

March 2019

Britney is an exceptional student and great teammate! She always takes her time to help us understand the topics, organizes the framework and makes sure our submissions are spotless! ritney is an invaluable team member who always steps up and corrals the herd to ensure that the team is on track with deadlines and projects are organized and cohesive. She is always willing to step up and work on tasks that are less than desirable with a smile. But really, she should be Student of the Month for the pure purpose of her Powerpoint mastery! She's gone above and beyond in support of our group. She's been the person that's kept us moving forward and taken on more responsibility than is expected with a majority of our projects. Even with all of the work that she's put into our projects and stress from her day job she manages to come to every class and group meeting with a smile on her face and positive energy. We would be lost without her!