MBAA Elections


Interested in developing your leadership skills and contributing to the Foster experience? Is leaving the Foster MBA Program in a better position than you found it important to you?  If so, you should consider running for a leadership role as a Board Member Evening MBAA Board!


Roles and Responsibilities

All roles, except for the incoming years Class Representatives, will begin at the start of the Spring quarter with a term lasting through the end of the Winter quarter of the following year. For a detailed description of each role, check out the position descriptions next to each role on the Meet the MBAA Board page.


Expectations of all Board MemBers

All board members are representatives of the MBAA, Foster and the UW brands and are thus expected to act with professionalism and respect, regardless of the situation. Board members are their classmates’ advocates and will champion their needs to the board and the program. Board members have voting rights and responsibilities and are expected to participate in board meetings, be on time, stay informed and help other board members execute on projects and events.


How to Apply

In order to run for a position, you will need to apply during the allotted application period for the role you wish to run for; applications submitted after the application period will not be accepted. Each candidate will submit a short-written statement explaining why they are running and why they are the best candidate for the role. Candidates will also need to get the endorsement of 20 of their classmates to run.



The Executive Council (EC) is comprised of the President, Executive VP of Operations, Executive VP of Communications, and Executive VP of Finance.  Elections for the EC will begin in late January and elections for the VPs and Class Rep’s will begin in mid-February. The EVP of Finance is the only role that is not elected- it is chosen by the incoming EC. Each student will be allowed to vote for 2 Class Reps for their year and once for all other positions. EC winners will be announced on in early February, EVP of Finance will be announced in mid-February and VPs and Class Reps will be announced at the end of February.