What is Challenge for Charity?

Challenge for Charity, aka C4C, is a competition between top west coast MBA programs to raise money and volunteer for the Boys and Girls Club of King County, the University District Food Bank, and the Special Olympics of Washington. Every spring, to celebrate our accomplishments of fundraising and volunteering over the course of the year, all participating schools gather at Stanford university to participate in Sports Weekend.

How does it work?

We divvy up the work:

  • Full Time students volunteer 

  • Evening students fundraise and donate money

Scoring is based on the following breakdown:

  • Volunteer hours per capita (40%)

  • Fundraising dollars per capita (40%)

  • Performance at Sports Weekend (20%)

How much does Foster fundraise and volunteer each year?

Last year we raised over $165,000 And the full time students volunteered over 4,500 hours.

What is Sports Weekend?

Sports weekend is like your elementary school field day meets summer camp for adults! We create teams for every sport you can think of: Flag football, Softball, Soccer, Swimming, Dance Competition, Basketball, Battle of the Bands, and many more!  At Sports Weekend, you'll have the time of your life bonding and networking with the other classes, full time students, and students from all the other top west coast MBA programs .

I'm not very athletic

That's ok! Foster participates in many alternative sports including a Spelling Bee, Trivia, and Video Games! 

How may people usually go to Sports Weekend?

Foster usually brings about 200 students to Sports weekend.  Participation between the Full Time and Evening program students is close to 50/50.

How do I get to go to Sports Weekend?

In order to attend Sports Weekend you must complete the following:

  • Fundraise or donate a minimum of $300. (Full Time Students have a similar volunteer hour minimum)

  • Be a member of the MBAA (MBAA membership dues front the funds for many of our biggest fundraisers)

  • Rock Purple and Gold all weekend long

  • Be ready to have a ton of fun with your MBA friends! 

How do I meet the fundraising minimum?

It's easier than you think! We have many fundraising opportunities throughout the year so start early and you'll get there in no time. 

What counts towards my fundraising minimum?

  • Straight donations

  • Items or services purchased at Auctions above and beyond the fair market value of the item or service (i.e. your bid $60 on a $50 gift card, you may count $10 to your fundraising efforts) 

  • Any purchases/entries made at C4C events above our costs (i.e. 5K entry fee, purchases from sample sales, on-campus happy hour, swag sales).  

What if I am not going to Sports Weekend?

You can and are still encouraged to participate in fundraising efforts! C4C is a big part of the Foster experience and students are encouraged to participate in whatever capacity they are able.  

Why do we do all this?

We do it for the kids! Also, it is a ton of fun! And for the Golden Briefcase!!  


Visit the websites for:

Contribute to C4C via venmo, PayPal and Amazon.